My name is Eižens Slava.
I am a web developer eager to help you with your project in any way I can based on your requirements.

Primary focus

My main focus is on new website development. Whether it is a medium project or a small blog or maybe a shop in on of cloud based e-commerce platforms. This includes planning, wireframing, estimating, design, SEO, testing and much more.

Even small things

If you have an existing website that requires some additional changes, but you don't have an experience or knowledge to do that by yourself, I will be glad to help you even with smallest website update.

What I do

New website development

Looking to start your own business? Need a website? Let me help you with that. I offer you design, development, share my UI/UX experience and much more. Here you can find some of my work - portfolio.

IT project management

Do you have an idea but lack of technical knowledge? I can take it from there and do the rest, including planning, estimating resources, finding and leading a team, development, promotion or just consulting you and sharing my experience.

Website maintenance

Whether website is designed by me or someone else - I can and will maintain and upgrade it further on.

Project / website audit

If you have a website, it doesn't mean it is working with a full potential. Audit gives you an insight of what and why should be improved to achieve better results.

Website hosting

There are a lot of different hosting options like virtual servers or shared hosting. I will find the best hosting for your project.

Developer outsourcing

Are you respresenting another web developer company and looking for additional web developers? I can offer you a helping hand.

Technologies I'm working with

Website development technologies

These technologies are used to create websites, update them, organize processes and host projects.


General purpose scripting language (Versions 5.6 and 7+).


Cascading Style Sheets - style sheet language.


Scripting language that brings your content to action.


A relational database management system.


SQL-based relational database management system.


NoSQL database - data stored in flexible JSON like documents.


One of the most popular web servers.


A popular static content web servers.


Version control system.

Agile Toolkit

PHP framework


One of the preferred operating systems for web hosting servers.

Semantic UI / Fomantic UI

CSS UI development framework.


JavaScript framework.


A markup language used for structuring and presenting content


An open source server environment.


Tool for task and process organization.

And other...

Platforms and third party software

Cloud based e-commerce platform


E-commerce platform for Wordpress framework

Online chat tool

Let's begin... contact me

  • eizhens@gmail.com
  • +371 25457111
  • Riga, Latvia
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